Are we able to control our mobile mic and camera ?

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Are we able to control our mobile mic and camera ?

Příspěvekod JoeClark » 20 lis 2017, 13:49


First of all we are creating a software that allows 2 conference calls in 1 single screen together, means that you are in 2 conference room together at the same time. On the left side of phone screen is Conference A and right side is Conference B. In one application and 1 screen, so we can see both conference and hear them at the same time.

The problem is when I talk using the app, is that my voice will go into both conference at the same time. I ask my developer so that when I mute myself, I have the option to mute in each conference, say when I press the mute button for conference A, means that only conference B can hear me, but he tells me that it is not achievable due to the phone hardware and the video streaming service provider structure, cannot control the mic and camera. Only able when muting myself, then I will be muted from both conference.

I am not a technical person in IT so I'm not sure wether the phone has its limitatoin or not in the current technologies.

Any one has some idea wether is correct? Or any solution regarding this problem wether from coding side or not?

Please help.

I didn’t find the right solution from the Internet.

References: ... nd-camera/

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