added stress and expenses caused by needless repairs.

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added stress and expenses caused by needless repairs.

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The ATEX directive coordinates various technical and legal conditions throughout Europe to ensure a high level of safety for the end-user by reducing the explosion risk through established design methods. ATEX (ATmosphères EXplosibles) is a conglomeration of European Union (EU) directives outlining equipment installed and operated in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Since July 1 , 2003, equipment manufactured for operation in potentially explosive environments has been required to comply with the EU’s ATEX Manufacturer’s Directive (949EC). The ATEX Directive applies to all countries in the EU and the European Economic Area (EEA).

The ATEX Directive places the burden directly on the end-user. The end-user is responsible for the following:

• Prevention of the formation of explosive atmospheres and possible ignition threats
• Evaluating the risk of explosion for their specific atmosphere and process
• Eliminating or reducing the level of risk for a specific atmosphere andor process
• Classifying the work and equipment environment into “zonescategories” for determining preparation of documentation for explosion protection
• Identifying hazardous areas and utilizing warning signs to alert personnel and equipment suppliers of the potential hazard
• Specifying suitably safe equipment for use in the zone to the engineer or equipment supplier

The end-user is required to evaluate the environment where equipment is to be located and operated. When evaluating hazardous locations, it is important to consider the hazardous material (gases or dusts) itself, how the material may interact with the surroundings (atmosphere , equipment and personnel), likelihood of explosion due to the surroundings, and the level of any anticipated effects.

Since the introduction of the ATEX Directives in 2003, mechanical equipment manufacturers have been subject to similar certification requirements as electrical equipment manufacturers. Fan manufacturers have been allowed to subscribe to the manufacturing process as detailed in the European Standard EN 14986:2006 , “Design of fans working in potentially explosive atmospheres,” which provides a guide for meeting the ATEX Directive (949EC).

European Standard EN 14986 outlines manufacturing and design criteria for fan manufacturers to adhere to. Such design requirements include, but are not limited to, permissible material pairings , minimum clearances between rotating elements and the fan casing, casing design, bearing selection, impeller-to-shaft attachment and motorelectrical selection. As long as the fan manufacturer meets the requirements of the European Standard EN 14986:2006 , they are in compliance with the ATEX directive (949EC).

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Oleg Chetchel
Air Handling Systems Engineer
Tenderall Fan Co.
http:www.tenderallinquiryindex With the individual needs and high standard jaw crusher of our clients, Hongxing Machinery, a crusher manufacturer has realized the importance of creation and invested in the development of new products and updating of products every year. For instance, the change of crushing space and style of plate has made the product adapt to various raw materials and easier to operate.

Technological innovations of our crushing plant win our clients’ trust and support. The technological level of stone crushers made by our company has been top in the mining industry , for Hongxing always believes that only high quality products and sincere service can win us continuing inquiries and purchasing. Hongxing Machinery is endeavoring to make innovations in new products.

As one member of stone crushing plant, jaw crusher is an indispensable part whether in stone making plant or ore beneficiation. As for how to install and adjust the machine, I believe that you have already searched online a lot relative articles. However, there are still some details that I want to share with you and hope they will be helpful during the installation of the machine.

First and foremost , the crusher should be installed in door not in the open air. The motor should be installed behind the crusher and the rolling direction should be exact the same as required. The machine should be fixed on the concrete ground where mine shaft should be made with at least 50 degree angle. The basic equipment should be decided by users according to the feeder and conveying equipment. clinker grinder: http:www.hx-crushern278
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Moreover, you should fasten the elastic when you adjust the feeding port. After proper adjustment, the fastening degree of the elastic is fine so that it can reduce the noise between the bracket and the bracket pad and is not easy to loosen. The coordination of jaw crusher and other equipment should be inductive to productivity and the whole crushing plant so that ensure the work to be accomplished smoothly.

Last but not least, the belt conveyor should be driven by men to ensure the move unblocked. Then , experiment can be done when the machine is empty to avoid crushing, noise, leaking and pulley swinging and loose axis within two hours. The temperature of bearing should be no more than 35?. If any malfunction occurs in the above process, you should stop the machine immediately and do careful inspections. The user is responsible for testing the machine for ten hours using the less hard rack as raw materials. If no malfunction occurs and the temperature is less than 70? , the machine can be applied in mass production.

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